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The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute (BASI) at Florida Institute of Technology was created to advance space exploration and development toward the goal of establishing and sustaining a permanent human presence on Mars, and maintaining the scientific and technical legacy of Dr. Buzz Aldrin.

  • BASI will engage in the following activities in support of the charter:
  • Host workshops focused on advancing Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars.
    Perform technical analyses in support of Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars.
  • Support the development of space-related research programs, faculty and curriculum at Florida Institute of Technology.
  • Host domestic and international scholars interested in the exploration and development of the Solar System.
  • Partner with domestic and international academic and research institutions.
  • Publish research results at conferences as well as on peer-reviewed journals on a range of topics related to space exploration and development.
  • Host public outreach events.
  • Establish and maintain a library of technical papers, speeches, interviews, and presentations by Buzz Aldrin.
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